Wonder Woman: DC Comic’s Largest Grossing Film

Posted 07/18/2017 2708

We have witnessed many incredible summer blockbuster movies this summer, but really – no Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien, Spiderman, or other comic-inspired film can top that of DC’s “Wonder Woman.” And the statistics and extraordinary $335 million dollars earned at the box office thus far from the film- say it all.

Viewers flocked to cinemas all over the world to get a taste of what had been teased for months as one of the best upcoming films of summer 2017. We watched the trailers and anticipated how Gal Gadot would capture the much-beloved, Diana Prince & Wonder Woman character- and we were not let down, one iota.

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and all of the characters in this movie united have brought the characters once only viewed on paper to a complete, modern, and engaging light. The meld together as the storylines and character relationships unfold and reveal the dynamic past of Wonder Woman. Viewers get a taste of everything in this movie from suspense, thrills, chills, romance, tears, anger – it grabs you by the arm and takes you along on a merry ride and does not stop!


The CGI and graphics are incredible and everything is extremely realistic throughout the full 120 minute movie. And not to mention that Chris Pine and Gal Gadot and their chemistry and eye-grabbing looks don’t hurt to sell us on it. Wonder Woman, surprisingly was directed by Patty Jenkins. Her keen directing skills and personal, kick-ass female input is perhaps one of the largest reasons that it has become one of the best films fueling and encouraging “women’s empowerment.”

It is this female directing touch that is made apparent when Wonder Woman, Diana Prince first steps onto “No Man’s Land” and emerges as a broad that is a force to be reckoned with.

Along with this and plenty of romance, comic relief, excellent combat scenes, and suspense – Wonder Woman does not fail to bring substance to all characters and the comic-based storyline – while reeling you in to feeling like as a Woman you could have it all – and as a man, you should bow down to her and fall in love. And it is obvious that – fans of the comic series, former TV show, and all viewers and critics alike agree that this movie is going to be difficult to triumph in future sequels.

But if the numbers demonstrate anything for the new DC Wonder Woman franchise, we can bet you that the next film will break just as many box-office records.

The anticipation for the release of DC’s Wonder Woman was shocking! Whether it was the keen marketing savvy of the film or the hype created by last year’s, highly criticized “Superman Vs. Batman” film – Wonder Woman is one of the best films of 2017 (hands down.) If you have not already watched Gal Gadot kill it as “Diana Prince”, you ought to as it is a movie that does not disappoint and we promise, it will leave you hungry for more!